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What Is a Giclée? 
A Giclée print (pronounced gee-clay) is simply a way to reproduce fine art using the very latest in computer technology. The Giclée printing process offers the highest degree of fidelity to the original art and the richest and most vibrant colors possible today.

Let's compare the new Giclées to traditional Lithographic Prints. Giclées are printed at over 1,400 dots per inch, while most lithographs have only 300 dots per inch! the end result is a higher quality fine art reproduction with incredible detail and vibrant seemless colors.

Not all Giclées are alike though, mainly due to the quality of materials used. At Living Artists, we use only archival, 100% rag, paper and canvas as well as the latest imaging technology and archival inks. Most of our Giclée prints are offered in Limited Editions, Signed and Numbered by the original "Living" Artists.

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